Your Definitive Guide to ADA

ADA-Compliant Websites:

Your Complete Guide to Compliance

According to a 2017 (NHIS) National Health Interview Survey, an estimated 26.9 million adult Americans suffer visual challenges.

  • Some have difficulties just seeing— even when wearing glasses or contact lenses— while others are totally blind.
  • Other research reveals that 1 in 8 (more than 30 million) Americans have hearing disabilities .

How do the above figures relate to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) website accessibility standards? In many ways!

People use their eyes and ears as the primary means of accessing and interacting with information. Moreover, the Act protects the rights of all Americans to access information services conveniently and without discrimination.

ADA violations have resulted in Numerous Lawsuits

Seyfarth Shaw, a law firm specializing in ADA-related cases, says that between January and June 2018, plaintiffs filed some 5,000 ADA lawsuits in our federal courts.

Frequently Asked Questions
Anyone know of a concise or clear resource regarding ada compliance and interactive exercises?

I don't have specific resources for you, BUT for whatever tools you are using, check to see if they provide some basic text fallback/equivalent. If whatever you are producing uses HTML5 elements, you should be most of the way there as long as the markup itself is compliant. Have you tried testing some of your stuff with a screen reader?