Consequences for Violating the ADA

Who is at risk for failure to comply with ADA guidelines?

If your website violates ADA website accessibility standards, you can be exposed to many damaging consequences. Here are some of them:

Costly and protracted lawsuits

Small businesses tend to have difficulties defending themselves against lawsuits. The Avanti Hotel faced crippling cost challenges during its ADA lawsuit. According to its manager, it spent about $3,000 fixing its website and $8,000 to $13,000 on other settlements such as legal fees and plaintiff damages.

Hefty fines and penalties

You risk fines of up to $75,000 for your first ADA-related violations.

ADA Related Fines

Heavy compensation fees

According to a Seyfarth Shaw analysis, California has the highest number of ADA lawsuits. The state has fixed minimum damages at $4,000 besides attorney fees for each ADA violation. That is why ADA lawyers say that ADA cases in California are “more lucrative.”

Huge and unplanned redesigning expenses

Non-compliance also causes unplanned website redesign costs because you will need to hire consultants, undergo training, and pay accessibility experts.

A tainted image and reputation

Violating ADA regulations taints your corporate image and reputation, leading to the next point—a possible loss of customers.

Loss of potential customers

More than 60 million Americans suffer visual and audial challenges. This means that failing to adhere to WCAG standards can lock out over 17 percent of Americans from accessing your website (and thus your business online).

ADA Violations Consequences

Loss of government contracts, funding, and assistance

Violating the ADA means you risk losing contracts, funding, and assistance from municipal councils, as well as local and federal government agencies.