The Future of Digital Standards

ADA-Compliance: Which Way Forward?

So, how can you comply with the ADA to keep off the list of shame and disastrous consequences? Here are practical and easy steps of complying with ADA standards.

Find a suitable ADA website developer

Since compliance is a legal and moral issue with a technical face, you need to find a suitable and competent website agency to help you build a website that complies with WCAG standards.

Getting Help with Website Remediation

If you have an existing website, you can work with an ADA specialist that will audit your website for easy usability, establish challenges, and recommend/implement appropriate solutions. For instance, if you are selling products online, hire an agency that specializes in reviewing ecommerce websites.

Higher search engine rankings is another potential benefit of voluntary compliance with the ADA. During your migration, an ADA specialist will audit it to detect and address usability challenges. These difficulties include the inability for search engine spiders to index your site easily. When you address such issues, your site will rank highly in search engines.

Audit your code

Next, the agency will audit your website. Here, the company will establish your compliance level and determine what areas of your website need remediation in order to comply with WCAG standards for ADA.

Establish the cost of compliance

Complying with ADA provisions will cost you time, money, and human effort. Based on the audit results, you will know accurately the amount of time, human effort, and money you need to invest in compliance. Armed with these facts, you can start budgeting for the above three forms of cost—time, money, and human effort. This will require a clear roadmap.

Implement your ADA compliance plan

After your compliance roadmap is completed, then secure a deal with your preferred ADA agency to implement it. You will need to execute the plan based on the areas of need the audit identified.

Update yourself on ADA’s dynamic compliance standards

The ADA compliance standards and requirements are dynamic. Therefore, keep yourself abreast with its changing provisions and regulations to ensure timely compliance even after complying.